About Ascend HR

Kylie Holyland created Ascend HR after an extensive career in the human resources industry across numerous sectors. Her expertise is derived from years working with middle and high-level management in resolving workplace issues and formulating organisational strategies.

Backed by an impressive list of qualifications and accreditations, the real benefit Kylie offers is her ability to truly connect. Through carefully constructed and challenging questions, Kylie is able to take individuals and teams on a journey to find tangible and strategic solutions or outcomes, in a safe and supportive partnership.

Kylie’s ultimate mission is to grow the confidence and capability of managers and team leaders – and deliver maximum impact for minimum time and money.

“In the short time I have worked with Kylie she has helped me to work more efficiently, and to think differently in how I approach meetings to claw back more time for myself. She has also been particularly useful in offering some deep-insights on giving and receiving feedback effectively and has a strong focus on transformative work practices. She is very generous in sharing her knowledge.”

Virginia, SES officer, Federal Government department

Your go-to emergent coach

Kylie is able to engage her clients in deep thinking and reflection to enhance their leadership skills and confidence. She is able to draw on her expertise, ask the tough questions, provide insight and help people shift forward – by exploring new ways of thinking about issues to identify and disrupt unconscious patterns of behaviour.

Kylie also brings her warm confidence to every session, and imparts her wit and enthusiasm to generate action.

You’ll easily get caught up in the process of transformation with Kylie as your trusted adviser. Kylie takes the coaching process – and your particular circumstances and goals – very seriously. She wants to see your investment in yourself or your team result in greater personal capability.

What makes Kylie tick

Kylie is motivated by opportunities to build rapport and connect with others. Her work brings out her natural strengths in engagement, intuition and coordination.

As a coach, her aim is to help you shift from A to B – to set new goals and directions for enhanced leadership, management effectiveness and confidence. Kylie is passionate about strategic HR and coaching. It’s more than a career. In fact, Kylie has a desire to elevate the profession of coaching as a member of the International Coach Federation, ACT Branch Executive, and by regularly providing pro-bono services.

Kylie’s studies at university covered psychology, philosophy, politics and English literature – a broad basis that essentially taught Kylie how to think. Armed with this wisdom, she honed her understanding of what motivates people, what disrupts systems, and how important and powerful communication can be.

Kylie gets excited by common sense ideas, the love of her family, walking her dog, catching up with friends, reading, or creating something textured and colourful out of paper or fibres.

Her motto is to make a positive difference every day and find a reason to be joyful, grateful or to laugh out loud.