Conflict resolution

Workplace conflict or points of difference are a daily disrupter to delivering on your key objectives as an organisation. Yet, many of these conflicts can be resolved through facilitated discussions and skilled coaching techniques.

Kylie at Ascend HR draws on her formal conflict coaching certification, her mediation experience, and problem-solving skills to take teams to resolution.

“As a coach, I have found her extremely insightful, and she has a way of getting to the heart of the matter with extremely compassionate precision that I find remarkably challenging but at the same time supportive.”

Kate Neser ACC, Kate Neser Executive Coaching and Consulting

Find a solution

An alternative to formal mediation, conflict coaching aims to help people to see the issues from each other’s point of view.

Using the CINERGY™ coaching model, Kylie works with team members individually until each party is ready to meet and discuss the issues at hand. She facilitates people’s awareness of their own identity, perceptions and judgements, and the impact of these on others in the workplace.

With a background in mediation, Kylie’s experience and willingness to find solutions helps to bring all people to the table. And there is mutual satisfaction in helping people discuss their workplace differences and agree to ways to work together in the future.