Services for professional growth

Navigating a career in a management or leadership role takes courage and a willingness to grow and learn new skills – particularly when dealing with highly complex or difficult situations.

Ascend HR services are valuable for anyone seeking informed and genuine advice on engaging staff, resolving conflict, and developing management skills.

All services are delivered with expertise, professionalism and confidence by Kylie Holyland.

“Kylie is just as engaging to deal with personally, as she is when delivering training to a group. As well as reliable and flexible, she is down to earth and easy to get along with. She makes me feel comfortable, like I’ve known her for years.”

Adam, Change Manager, Federal Government department

For you and your team

The expertise Kylie offers includes:

Coaching. To enhance individual or team skills, effectiveness and confidence

HR consulting. Based on strategic best practice

Training and facilitation. Practical, engaging and customised to your requirements

Conflict resolution. Using the CINERGY™ coaching model

Choose Ascend HR

Each individual’s aspirations are different. Finding what motivates and drives you – and your team – is all part of the Ascend HR service.

Kylie is particularly skilled at conflict coaching, where she helps managers and leaders to develop an understanding of their triggers, build resilience and improve workplace relationships.

Getting to your short or longer term goals is rewarding and can change your life. You’ll be delighted at how far Kylie can take you, or your team, on a career journey.