Kylie has had many successes in delivering effective human resource services over the years, including:

  • managing coaching panels as part of SES Leadership Programs for public sector agencies
  • providing in-house HR advice to 120 SES and executive level managers on complex people-management issues
  • industrial relations work during major industrial reform, including amalgamation of awards, deregulation of unions, and the introduction of new work structures and cultures
  • advising on performance pay and collective/individual agreements in the Australian Public Service
  • developing and delivering organisational learning and development programs
  • managing individual performance issues
  • developing training programs in leadership, cultural change, teamwork and diversity for several Canberra-based organisations
  • delivering training for a Canberra-based HR consultancy and an Employee Assistance Program provider
  • national accreditation as a mediator (2014–16).

When looking for a skilled, experienced and qualified practitioner, it’s also valuable to find someone who can easily build rapport and offer a return on your investment. Kylie is someone whose advice you can trust and who will both listen, challenge and provide transformative advice.

Clients Kylie works with

Kylie has worked with many clients across public, private and not-for-profit sectors, including:

  • Federal Government departments and agencies such as Industry, Social Services, Agriculture, Defence, Education
  • ACT Government directorates
  • not-for-profit organisations such as Toora Inc., Smith Family Australia and Able Australia
  • private enterprises
  • highly respected local HR consulting companies
  • a major Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider.

What Kylie’s clients say

Kylie has developed lasting bonds with both individuals and teams over the years and formed a successful solo venture based on quality advice and professional expertise.

Here’s what some of Kylie’s clients say about her services:

“Kylie is very authentic, knowledgeable, energetic and engaging when delivering training for my organisation. She has the ability to structure her presentations to suit our unique environment, while relating the content to our personnel in a professional yet light-hearted way.

She is great at encouraging group conversations and giving people the confidence they need to put their thoughts and opinions forward.”

Adam, Change Manager, Federal Government

“In the short time I have worked with Kylie she has helped me to work more efficiently, and to think differently in how I approach meetings to claw back more time for myself.

She has also been particularly useful in offering some deep insights on giving and receiving feedback effectively and has a strong focus on transformative work practices. She is very generous in sharing her knowledge.”

Virginia, SES officer, Federal Government

“I was struggling with identifying myself in my new role, which saw me elevated to an executive level very quickly due to an organisational ruction. I was told about Kylie – she may help you realise your frame of mind. From the moment we met I felt very comfortable. Importantly, with Kylie’s guidance and advice I have grown into my role much more quickly than if I was left to my own devices. I could feel myself evolving each time we met and she gave me permission to feel more at ease with my role.  

The way she would probe my thoughts and take me to a place that made me test my confidence about my abilities. But she did in a gentle caring way, without making me so uncomfortable as to want to stop these sessions.

If you want be pushed just a little bit, if you want to be given permission to feel you have the ability to do your job by an independent person, not your family, friends and staff (bless them but they’re hardly going to tell you you’re rubbish), if you want an interactive conversation not a counselling session or time on the psych couch, Kylie’s your woman!”

National President, major staff association

“Tangible results for me include a change of role. I would recommend Kylie without hesitation. I think her HR knowledge and warm, confident approach will benefit anyone lucky enough to cross her path.”

Phoebe, HR, Federal Government

“Kylie has extensive coaching and HR skills and knowledge. She is able to challenge your thinking without it feeling threatening, and provides support and guidance. [It’s] a great way to explore new ways of thinking in a safe and supportive environment.”

Tina, HR Manager, Federal Government