Executive coaching

Managers and leaders face daily workplace challenges. Managing people and their performance is a time-consuming and important role. It requires focus, objectivity, empathy, time and confidence.

Personalised executive coaching through Ascend HR can help leaders thrive in their pursuit of both professional and personal excellence.

Kylie’s coaching strength is in growing the confidence and capability of managers to further their own ability, to encourage their high performing staff, and to take action to address the performance and attitude of staff who may have lost focus.

“If you want be pushed just a little bit, if you want to be given permission to feel you have the ability to do your job by an independent person, not your family, friends and staff (bless them but they’re hardly going to tell you you’re rubbish), if you want an interactive conversation not a counselling session or time on the psych couch, Kylie’s your woman!”

National President, major staff association

Working together

Over one-off or multiple sessions of 60 to 90 minutes, Kylie uses challenging questioning to help managers and leaders explore new ways of thinking about issues and disrupt patterns of behaviour – always with support.

Kylie’s coaching can help you to:

  • improve your leadership skills
  • build confidence
  • enhance your management capabilities
  • set new goals or directions
  • manage staff performance
  • address poor staff attitudes or team morale
  • encourage high performing staff.

It can also help you address:

  • something urgent, compelling or exciting
  • a gap in knowledge, skills, confidence or resources
  • a desire to accelerate results
  • a lack of clarity with choices
  • lack of balance between work and life
  • identifying core strengths.

Being coached takes a personal commitment from the individual and requires time between sessions to reflect and act upon the coaching conversation.

Coaching methodologies

Kylie is able to draw on her training and experience in a range of coaching approaches, tools and methodologies to help leaders to create meaningful change in their professional lives. Kylie uses:

  • organisational coaching, including goal-based and emergent coaching methodologies
  • skills-based coaching
  • CINERGY™ conflict coaching
  • IECL narrative coaching
  • team coaching.

Kylie is guided by the ICF Code of Ethics and the ICF Coaching Competences.

At the beginning of a coaching arrangement, the terms and expectations are outlined and agreed in a simple coaching contract.

A passion for coaching

As President of the ACT Branch of the International Coach Federation, Kylie is driven by an interest in advancing coaching as a profession. Just as people invest in personal trainers and academic teachers, teams and individuals need coaches to further their careers.

In our intergenerational workforces, where we deal in a global economy and at a fevered pace, managers and leaders face complex workforce profiles and issues. Coaching can help navigate these daily challenges and get the most out of yourself and your team.

A certified practitioner, Kylie is accredited to coach individuals and teams, as well as work through conflict using effective coaching methods.